NAIDOC Week: Revegetation on Gunditjmara Mirring

This years theme for NAIDOC Week is ‘Heal Country’. Over the next few days we will be showcasing all the different ways we at GMTOAC heal Gunditjmara Mirring.

Over the next three years we’ll be planting over 30,000 plants as part of the Budj Bim infrastructure development. The GMTOAC Land Management Team, World Heritage Ranger Greg Shelton, and Ecologist Jodie Honan have been collecting seed. This is being grown at Seawinds Nursery in Portland, and in the next few months the first plants will go into the ground.

Most of the plants going in this year are fast growing annuals, perennials, sedges, rushes, and grasses. They should quickly cover the ground to prevent erosion, help outcompete weeds, and get some quick habitat. In the second and third years we’ll focus on slower growing and longer-lived species. This follows the process that the bush has gone through to heal after the 2019-2020 Budj Bim fires.

The team had to work hard to find seed from some plants. Once the mass plantings around the infrastructure are established, they will also be a living seedbank for future revegetation and healing Country.

#NAIDOCWeek2021 #HealCountry #HealMirring #Gunditjmara

Above: World Heritage Ranger, Greg Shelton, collecting seed of Pale Rush (Juncus pallidus) at Allambie IPA.

Above: Post-fire wildflower ‘garden’ at Budj Bim National park with Kangaroo Apple (Solanum laciniatum), native grasses, Rock Daisy, and other Senecio species.

Above: Annual Fireweed (Senecio glomeratus) and Rock Daisy (Senecio pinnatifolius spp. pinnatifolius) ready to go in the ground.

Above: Heath, Jyndamarra and Daryl checking out the tubestock that is ready to be planted with Tegan from Seawinds Nursery.

Above: Heath Smith, Jyndamarra Bannam, and Daryl Robinson from the GMTOAC Land Management Team potting up seedlings at Seawinds Nursery, Portland.

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