NAIDOC Week: Truth Telling and Healing Mara for Mirring

We all know that a major part of healing Mirring, is ensuring the Traditional Custodians heal too. Without Healthy Mara, you can’t have Healthy Mirring.

Tara Fry, the Treaty Traditional Owner Engagement Coordinator from GMTOAC’s role is just that.

The purpose of the Treaty Engagement Program is to keep Gunditjmara people informed about where we’re at with treaty and get mob “treaty ready”.

We try to make engagement fun by linking it in with things that people love. This year we are going to bring back the Lake Condah Sports Day – with the help of our amazing working group of volunteers.

This was pointed out by some of our Gunditjmara Elders during consultations earlier this year at Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation.

We all know that treaty may take awhile, but in the meantime we will listen and try to identify and act on the immediate goals of mob when we can!

We are focused on doing things that will help with healing, truth telling and getting mob mentally ready for treaty, such as Traditional Owner specified mental health courses and even negotiation skills courses – as there may become a time when you are the one negotiating a treaty for your own family.

A casual team of 5 Gunditjmara “Treaty & Nation-building Workers” commenced last week, they will be booking in family consultations with all the family groups soon to discuss treaty and a few other topics. We want your thoughts and we want to keep you updated as always during this process.

Treaty is a new program as it’s never been on the cards before, we don’t know what the outcome will be but until then, make sure you contact Tara Fry the Treaty Traditional Owner Engagement Coordinator on 0437 278 874 or and follow our Dhauwurd Wurrung Treaty Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest news.

#NAIDOCWeek2021 #HealCountry #HealMirring #Gunditjmara

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