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The Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (GMTOAC) was established by the Gunditjmara people in 2005 asserting our Sovereignty to continue our connection to care and protect Gunditjmara country and to progress our rights and interests in our cultural identity, social justice, native title, cultural heritage, and land justice for our Gunditjmara country.

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The Communication and Events Coordinator has the primary responsibility to provide effective communication, marketing, event coordination, and media services

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The Company Secretary is responsible for providing support to the Board of Directors, CEO, Members, and staff to contribute to the leadership and delivery of governance across the organisation.

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Gunditj Mirring Services Pty Ltd was formed in 2021 as a subsidiary company under GMTOAC and trading as Budj Bim Cultural Landscape Tourism to allow commercial tourism to start as its own entity showcasing the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Budj Bim Cultural Landscape.

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The key objective of this role is to ensure all Budj Bim Cultural Landscape tours exceed visitor expectations and they acquire knowledge of the region including geology, flora and fauna and local Gunditjmara and European history.

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The Budj Bim Cultural Aquaculture Centre Food & Beverage Attendants play a crucial role in providing quality service to all Budj Bim Cultural Aquaculture Centre visitors.

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