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The Budj Bim Master Plan presents a vision for the conservation and sustainable use the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape for cultural, tourism and community purpose, and will allow the government, the Gunditjmara community and tourism industry to invest in the future development of the Budj Bim Landscape as a tourism destination and as a home to the Gunditjmara community.

The Gunditj Mirring Fact Sheets were created as a complement to the 'Field Guide to Cultural Features of the Budj Bim Landscape'. The fact sheet include information about plant, animal and cultural heritage on the Budj Bim Landsacpe.

Learning Resources has links to different Gunditj Mirring resources and also links to project with orther organisation.

The Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owner Aboriginal Corporation (GMTOAC) Research Guidelines (the Guidelines) are designed to inform prospective researchers who wish to undertake research projects on Gunditjmara Country or with Gunditjmara.

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